Gambling Domain Selling Trends


Infomation for Check or™

Sales statistics and market trends for gambling domains using public sales records. Market value, average selling price, top keywords, most popular domain extensions and sales volume for gambling domains. When you are looking to buy a premium domain, it's important to understand the market before estimating it's value.


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The first chart shows the public sales volume by adding up all the sales for each month, it does not include the million+ sales. 

The second chart shows the most popular domain extensions based on all the public sales records.

The third chart compares the average selling price for gambling domains over the last few years. 

The third chart shows the top gambling keywords with the most number of sales on any domain extension and includes the highest public sale reported for that keyword.

In conclusion, the average selling price for a "Non Premium" gambling domains is around $2,700, with "Premiums" around $21,000 and the monthly volume of public sales is around $125,000


Top 10 Gambling Keywords

Keyword * Public Sales * Highest Sale

Poker ---/ 56 sales / $1,000,000

Casino--- / 51 sales / $5,500,000

OnlineCasino--- / 37 sales / $165,000

Casinos---/ 29 sales /  $52,000

Blackjack--- / 21 sales / $460,000

Bet---/ 20 sales / $10,980

Bingo---/ 19 sales / $1,100,000

Slots---/ 17 sales$5,500,000

CasinoOnline---/  16 sales / $17,504

OnlineCasinos---/ 14 sales / $85,150

These are the top key words with following word(s). Example: Check or™ would go under KEY word "BET", included is top sales price.